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Large Enterprise Products and Services

Together, Identity and Partners enable Clients to Analyze, Design, Implement and Support next generation IT Infrastructures and Business Models.


We identify our partner’s customer challenges with deep requirement analysis, followed by a rigorous definition and partition of the problem domain.


We define the complete architecture behind the implementation, satisfying the specified requirements and constrains in complete coordination with all stakeholders.


We materialize the designed architecture, including system integration and any necessary development, following agile methodologies and project management best practices.


We guarantee comprehensive solution support, always in tandem with our partner, ensuring architectural evolution, bug fixing, and risk management, in constant cooperation with the end-costumer.

Identity mainly focuses its expertise in four distinct domains: Supercomputing, Cloud Computing, Critical Systems and Workspace.



Achieving super business and science


Critical Systems

Increase the availability of your business


Cloud Computing

A piece of heaven on earth



The virtual workspace, the next paradigm

Identity and Partners, working closely in a vertically integrated Ecosystem, have been delivering Information Technology (IT) Infrastructures since 2005.

World Partners
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Partner Project Completion

As one of the key partners in the biggest Supercomputing project in Portugal, we have to say that Identity's professionalism and core competencies, extensively recognized by the customer, were crucial for the overall design and implementation success.

Consulting and System Integration Channel Manager

Identity's handling of Knowledge Management is impressive. Last year we asked for Identity's help in managing a difficult situation in a large account. In the closing meeting, in what was an already very successful outcome, I saw the client jaw dropping when he realized that everything that had been done to his critical system was properly and deeply documented.

Large ISV Country Manager

Identity is a recognized reference on the supercomputing market, with a virtuous set of competencies that allow an end-to-end mastering of a value added solution, as opposed to a group of IT components – Fujitsu recognizes this strategic partner at an international level. It is a great example of Portuguese engineering and expertise servicing our community and its institutions.

International Server Business Development Manager

In this Ecosystem, Identity focuses on three core competencies to systematically solve complex problems in medium to large organizations.


Identity employs its expertise to help clients harness the full potential of their IT infrastructure, planning with careful consideration for client’s necessities and the best practices of current technology, aided by years of technological know-how. Identity creates architectures, abstracted from implementation details, to help clients understand and internalize the problems and requirements of a project, and decide the best design in terms of trade-offs.


For many reasons, such as backwards compatibility or adding a new component to a pre-existing infrastructure, projects often require the integration of different systems and technologies into one homogenous, fully functional solution. Identity specializes in analyzing and architecting such projects, and on advising partners and end-customers in how to effectively and efficiently carry out such processes.

Research & Development

Prototyping new solutions for partners and end-customer’s needs based on extensible solutions and reusable building blocks, Identity ensures that partner’s capabilities are not limited to the current state of technology in the IT market, customizing new systems and perfecting existing ones tailored to their specific expectations.

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