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A modern workspace paradigm enables complete workforce flexibility. Abandon conventional workspace configurations and empower people to do their jobs outside the office. Allow users to access business applications and information from anywhere, anytime, on any device of their choice.

Essential Characteristics


Users can access business applications from anywhere, at any time. Enable mobile users and telecommuting, without sacrificing functionality or security.

Platform Independence

Allow access to business applications from any device, independent of operating system or computational capabilities. Seamless enable  mobile phones, tablets, thin clients, laptops, and workstations.


Provide access to business applications regardless of their execution environment. Access Windows, open source and web-based applications from any devices, exactly the same way.


Stream your business applications from the Data Center, centralizing and simplifying their management and that of the underlying infrastructure. Simplify file storage, backups and anti-virus.

When I’m preparing my class work at home, I can quickly access a virtual workstation and see exactly the same image the students are using. When I walk into class, I just reconnect and I’m ready to teach.

Francois Barberie, CAD Instructor, La Cite

We are working to give all our users more freedom as to how and where they access their desktop applications and information.

Widiono Wiratmoko, Senior Head, ICT Program Management

Technology Paradigms

Application Virtualization

Encapsulate business applications from the underlying operating system on which they are executed. As an umbrella concept, it can encompass technologies like application streaming, VDI, amongst others. Reduce computational resources usage through centralization and scale effects, while simplifying management and support through unification.


Multiplex the traditional desktop for several local users. Create several work posts from a single workstation, each with its respective inputs and outputs (image, sound, storage devices). Reduce hardware, maintenance and energy costs, by using truly plug-and-play, low-power devices without moving parts while retaining full multimedia capabilities.

Desktop Miniaturization

By leveraging the latest generation of miniature computing, carry in your pocket a ultra-small, power-efficient device, with built-in wireless connectivity and storage capabilities, that allows you to transform any display into a fully functional computer. Performance and storage are enough for productivity, web browsing, streaming media and accessing virtualized applications.


Large Enterprises

Take advantage of modern workspace paradigms in your central and remote branch offices. Deploying a new location is extremely simplified.


Massively reduce the desktop costs in your local branches, without sacrificing security and compliance. Save on management, hardware and licensing expenses.


Reduce software licensing expenses by easing your migration to open source software. The users who needs access to closed source or legacy applications can still do it.

New ways to work

Worldwide mobile worker population, as a percentage of total worker population, by year.
[IDC Worldwide Mobile Worker Population Forecast]







People expect to be able to work outside the office, at any time, and whether it’s on their personal phones, work-issued laptops or a friend’s tablet.







People expect to be able to work outside the office, at any time, and whether it’s on their personal phones, work-issued laptops or a friend’s tablet.


Cost Reduction

Reduce your costs over licensing (operating system, applications), management (service desk, maintenance, repair), energy and security (anti-virus, backups, patch management).

Bring Your Own Device

Leverage the benefits of Bring Your Own Device while avoiding common pitfalls with regulations, control, licensing, management and security. Facilitate usage of heterogeneous devices (phones, tablets, laptops and desktops).

Management and Scalability

Take advantage of business application centralization with economies of scale, statistical multiplexing, horizontal scaling and application differentiation based on end-user’s profile. Facilitate management in areas like software auditing, compliance, threat management or backups.

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